Call for papers

CfP IIEMCA 2019, July 2–5, Mannheim (Germany)

We call for submissions addressing topics in Ethnomethodology, Conversation Analysis, Multimodal Interaction Analysis, Phenomenology, Interactional Linguistics, and neighboring fields of research.

Conference theme: “Practices”

Ethnomethodologists and conversation analysts have increasingly focused on the study of social interaction as embodied practices. This turn has opened up new perspectives on ethnomethods and the bodily and temporal organization of social interaction. The last years have seen a wealth of flourishing empirical research in this area. Still, major theoretical and methodological questions are waiting to be solved.

We particularly invite papers on practices from an EMCA-perspective. The following questions seem to be especially important to advance our understanding of “practices”:

Theory: What do we understand by “practices”? What does a practice-based perspective add to our understanding of actions and activities? (How) is the flow of multimodal activities segmented into actions from a member’s perspective? In which ways do different multimodal resources contribute to holistic meaningful social action?

Methodology: How do video-based research practices contribute to constitute their object of research reflexively? How do we transcribe embodied conduct? Which other ways of presenting data, analyses and findings about embodied practices can be developed?