Proposal submission

Submisson of panel and individual paper proposals via ConfTool

All panel and paper proposals have to be submitted via the conference management system ConfTool. Please create a user account first. Please validate your e-mail adress after having created your account. (See this PDF if you need for further information on user account creation).

Individual paper proposals

submission closed

Individual paper proposal submission will start by August 01, 2018 and end on September 27, 2018.

  • Abstracts may be min. 250 and up to 500 words long (including references or data examples). The abstract should contain information on the leading research question/claim, theoretical backgrounds/notions which figure importantly in your research, your main findings, methods and the kinds of data used. Research should be original and should not have already been published.
  • Please provide the title of your paper and the names of all authors in the respective fields. Authors can be first or sole author of only one paper (irrespective of the paper being an individual paper or part of a panel). There is no limit for authors being second+ author on further papers.
  • Submit your individual paper proposal via ConfTool. After login, click on “Your submissions”.

You can then submit your paper

Then simply follow the instructions in the conference management system. You will be able to edit your individual paper proposal any time before the deadline. (See this PDF if you need further information on individual paper proposal submission in ConfTool).

  • Some notes regarding the review process of paper submissions for panels:
    • All individual paper proposals will be reviewed individually by members of the scientific comittee of the conference.
    • You can apply for inclusion in a panel, regardless of whether you have been invited by the panel organizers. You can find an overview of all accepted panels and their abstracts here. If you want to apply for inclusion in one of the panels, choose this panel from the list shown in ConfTool when submitting your individual paper proposal (see bulletpoint above). After the review process, the panel organizers will get a list of all accepted papers for their panel together with their abstracts. They will then decide which papers should be included in their panel. This decision does not affect the general decision about the acceptance of a paper. If panel organizers choose not to include a paper in their panel, it will be allocated to a theme session.

Notification date for individual paper proposals: December 03, 2018.


Panel proposals

submission closed

Panel proposal submission will start by May 02, 2018.

  • Abstracts may be up to 500 words (including references or data examples and list of contributors).
  • Please provide the title of the panel and the name(s) of the panel organizer(s).
  • Please also provide the names of contributors (requested and confirmed), including the names of the panel organizer(s) if you are contributing to the panel with a paper. Panels should consist of at least 3 papers and at most 12 papers (including discussants). You do not need to provide titles of the prospective papers in your panel.
  • Submit your panel proposal via ConfTool. After login, click on “Your submissions”, choose “Panel proposal submission” and follow the instructions in the system. You will be able to edit your panel proposal any time before the deadline. (See this PDF if you need further information on panel proposal submission).

You will be notified of the acceptance of your panel before the submission for individual papers opens, giving you the opportunity to inform contributors to your panel about the panel’s acceptance. Authors will be able to assign their paper to a panel in the submission process. We will publish the list of the accepted panels on the conference website, giving everyone the opportunity to opt for inclusion in one of the panels. The final decision if a paper which has passed the review process should be included in a panel, however, remains to be taken by the panel organizer(s).