Survival kit

–Below you’ll find various useful information for your stay in Mannheim during the conference.–

City structure: Mannheim city center is organized in squares (Quadrate). Therefore, you won’t find typical street names in the city center, but the combination of one letter and a number, such as “B2”, referring to one block (square/Quadrat). Every address  is specified by a house number or range, which leads you to one of the four sides of the square. As all blocks are organized in a logical system (similar to a chessboard), you may simply follow the alphabet and/or numbers when searching for an address in the city center. Be aware that Kurpfalzsstraße, starting right at the center of the Palace’s main square (Ehrenhof), divides the Quadrate into two sets of squares (the first starting with A1, the second starting with L1). See this site of Mannheim’s Tourist information website for a nice text on the city’s structure and its history.

City Structure Mannheim squares
© Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH

Climate and weather: July usually comes as the sunniest month of the year. You can expect temperatures between 14 and 25 °C with an average of about 19 °C. There may, of course, be exceptions – over the past few summers temperatures temporarily rose to 35 °C. Despite approximately 7 hours of sunshine a day, even in July you can never rule out a few days of rain.

Dial code: For telephone calls to Germany, the international dial code is 0049 (or +49).

Electricity: In Germany, power sockets are of type F (CEE 7/4 plug, CEE 7/7 plug) with a standard voltage of 230V (which is twice the standard household voltage in North America) and a standard frequency of 50Hz. In case you are visiting from a country with different electricity conditions. make sure to bring a suitable adapter (or buy it at one of the places mentioned in our section on ‘Shopping centers’).

Bank offices / ATMs:

You will find several national and international bank offices in the city of Mannheim. The most prominent ones are listed below:

  • BBBank (M1, 2-3)
  • Commerzbank (P2, 12)
  • Deutsche Bank (P7, 10-15)
  • HSBC (P3, 1-3)
  • HypoVereinsbank (C1, 3)
  • Postbank (O2, 1)
  • Santander Bank (E2, 1-3)
  • Sparkasse Rhein-Neckar Nord (D1, 1-3; O4, 13)
  • VR Bank Rhein-Neckar (N2, 5-6)
  • Western Union International Bank (U2, 1)

In the following map, only branches with assistance are listed. Check out your personal bank office’s website for further ATM-only spots.

Guided city tours: There are several guided theme tours leading throughout the city of Mannheim. Unfortunately, the city only offers public tours in German. In case you would like to join a tour as a whole group of English speaking participants, you may send a request to the tourist information. There is also the possibility to participate in free walking tours, usually organized by students. You don’t need to pay a fee in advance. but simply decide what you think it was worth right after the walk. You can find more information, e.g. about upcoming tour dates and meeting points here.

Important phone numbers:

  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance and/or fire service: 112

Medical Emergencies

Here you can find information on medical facilities in case of an emergency.

Lost & found:  In case you have lost some of your belongings during your stay at IIEMCA19 you can find a lost & found-service by passing the main entrance of Mannheim Palace and turning to your right immediately afterwards (= reception area); try also the Conference Office, we’ll keep a lost & found box there as well. If you have lost something while being in public areas or using public transport, you can visit Mannheim Fundbüro (K7, 1).  It is open on Mondays from 8am to 2pm, on Thursdays from 8am to 6pm and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8am to 12am. Check the website for updates on opening hours (in German only).

Photocopying (Copy Shops):

  • Copy Shop Roland Dieterich in A3, 6A
  • Copy Shop in B2, 10
  • Copythek und Druckservice in M2, 15
  • Druckservice Hohmann in B1, 7
  • Grafix in C1, 2

Post offices: You will find two main branches of Deutsche Post that will provide you with all possible services at O2, 1 and F2, 1.  Furthermore, there are several DHL Paketshops you can head for, in case you only need to send off an already stamped parcel. You can check for all locations and services of specific branches via the location finder of Deutsche Post. For finding letterboxes, you can use the search engine of Deutsche Post.

Public transport: The local public transport system is managed by Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr (RNV). RNV provides you with bus and tram connections within as well as between the cities of Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg. For information on how to get to the conference venue by public transport ,check out our directions here.

Shopping centers: In the city center of Mannheim, you will find Q6Q7, a modern shopping center located right where its name denotes it. If you are specifically looking for electronic devices (e.g. adapters), you might visit the electronics store SATURN (N7, 5-6) or check out Gravis (N1, 1), a retailer specialized in Apple devices.

Speed limits: In case you are traveling by car, keep in mind the different speed limits on German streets. On freeways you will usually face limits of 100, 120 or 130 km/h (except for road work areas) – and sometimes even pass stretches without any restriction. In city centers (indicated by yellow signs stating the name of the city) the speed limit is set on 50 km/h, but can be lowered to 30 km/h in traffic-calmed areas.

Supermarkets: You will find lots of supermarkets in close distance to the conference venue with opening hours from 8am to at least 8pm. Keep in mind that in Germany all stores (except for train station and gas station stores) are closed on Sundays.

You can check out the following categories of supermarkets for orientation:

  • Discounters: ALDI SÜD (E2, 16; S6, 29-33), LIDL (R1, 4-6; Schwetzinger Straße 6), NETTO (D3, 3), NORMA (H5, 5), PENNY (S2, 12)
  • Higher-priced supermarkets: EDEKA (Seckenheimer Straße 68), REWE (N1 1; Q6, 1; S6, 29-32)
  • Organic supermarkets: Alnatura (N7, 12), basic (B1, 3-5)

Usually, you will also find a smaller selection of organic products in discounters and higher-priced supermarkets.

Furthermore, you can visit Mannheim Wochenmarkt, a street market with stands mainly selling regional and seasonal products. The Wochenmarkt is situated at G1 and opens its doors on Tuesdays and Thursdays (8am to 2pm) as well as on Saturdays (8am to 3pm).

Time zone: During your stay at the conference, clocks in Germany follow Central European Summer Time (CEST) with a time offset from UTC of +02. Compared to other places there, is a time shift of (e.g.)

  • Hawaii: + 12 hours
  • Los Angeles: + 9 hours
  • London: + 1 hour
  • Moscow: – 1 hour
  • New York: + 6 hours
  • Sydney: – 8 hours
  • Tokyo: – 7 hours


Cafés and Restaurants

The conference venue (University of Mannheim, Schloss Mannheim) is near to the city center and you will find a lot of places to have coffee and food within walking distance just by strolling around.

In the list below we put together a small selection of cafés and restaurants that are close to the venue. All of these locations offer vegetarian and vegan food and drink alternatives. See their websites for more information and opening hours.

Please note: Lunch is included in the Conference fee and will be served at the University’s Canteen on Campus (“Mensa”).

Cafés and Restaurants nearby


L3 Café

  • Coffee (vegan coffee alternatives with oat milk), tea, snacks (e.g. homemade bagels)
  • Address: L3, 9, 68161 Mannheim (vis á vis conference venue)

EO Café

  • University Bistro, Café Bar, lunch
  • Address: On campus; Schloss, EO (“Ehrenhof Ost”/Ehrenhof East, left-hand side when you are standing in the Ehrenhof)

Café Fräulein Schiller

  • Nostalgic café located at the “Schillerplatz”, the site of the former national theater (Nationaltheater) where Friedrich Schiller, a famous German poet of the Weimar Classicism, showed the premiere of his play „Die Räuber“.
  • Homemade sustainable food, breakfast, cakes (usually at least one gluten free alternative), lunch (one vegetarian or vegan, sometimes even glutenfree alternative)
  • Address: B2, 11, 68159 Mannheim

Helder und Leuwen Café

  • Coffee, alternative specialties like matcha latte, golden milk, homemade lemonades, cakes, snacks (e.g. avocado bread or chia pudding), all coffees can be ordered as a vegan alternative with coconut or almond milk.
  • Address:  N3, 15, 68161 Mannheim

Café Sammo / Café Sammo Zén

  • Two locations in B1 and A3
  • Coffee, tea, snacks (e.g. baguettes, focaccia, couscous salad)
  • Addresses: B1, 6a, 68159 Mannheim & A3, 7, 68159 Mannheim

Konditorei & Kaffee Herrdegen (Traditional Café and Pastry Shop)

  • Mannheim traditional bakery since 1838, Mannheim baking specialties, coffee
  • Address: E2, 8, 68159 Mannheim

Bio Bäcker Bihn (Bakery)

  • Organic bakery, take-away bread and pastries, coffee
  • Address: N1 (Stadthaus), 68161 Mannheim

Restaurant N Eins Lounge (Restaurant and Bar)

  • Big location with crossover food menu, lunch, dinner, Cocktails
  • Address: N1, 1 (Stadthaus), 68161 Mannheim


Rheinterassen (Restaurant)

  • Nice location in the park with a view on the river Rhine.
  • Fusion of Palatine and French Kitchen, large selection of Palatine and French wines, lunch, dinner
  • Address: Rheinpromenade 15, 68163 Mannheim

Restaurant Familienbetrieb

  • Homemade regional food, burgers (meat or vegan patties), opens at 5 pm, dinner
  • Address: M2, 12, 68161 Mannheim


  • Restaurant with a big terrace in the middle of the Quadrate, crossover food menu, breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • N4, 13, 68161 Mannheim


  • Nice location on the roof of a large department store in the city center, lunch, dinner, homemade lemonades, Cocktails
  • Address: O5, 9-12, 68161 Mannheim (6. floor of engelhorn Mode im Quadrat)

Lenoks Burger

  • Genuine Mannheim fast food chain (2 restaurants) founded by the two „Mannheimers“ Levent and Henok (=Lenok), burgers with beef, vegan or vegetarian patties, milkshakes (vegan alternatives with soymilk)
  • Addresses:  N4, 15, 68161 Mannheim & L15 12-13, Mannheim‎

Café Vienna

  • Student bar and restaurant, food and drinks at cheap prices
  • Address: S1, 15, 68161 Mannheim

Bistro Binokel

  • Restaurant with a big terrace in the middle of the Quadrate, crossover food menu, Palatine specialties, breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Address: O7, 1, 68161 Mannheim

Gasthaus Zentrale

  • German food and beer, Lunch, Dinner
  • Address: N4, 15, 68161 Mannheim

Turkish Food

Mannheim is known for its Turkish restaurants. In the area of G 1-5 and H 1-5, which is also called “Little Istanbul” by the Mannheim citizens, you will find a lot of Turkish supermarkets, shops, shisha bars and restaurants. The square of G1 is an open market place (the “Marktplatz”). Standing on this public square you can see some of the best known Turkish restaurants.

Meydan (Turkish word for market place)

  • Turkish restaurant with stone oven and a big terrace on the market place
  • Address: H1, 16-17, 68159 Mannheim (Am Marktplatz)

Türk Sofrası Ocakbası

  • Turkish restaurant with stone oven
  • Address: G2, 6, 68159 Mannheim (Am Marktplatz)


  • Vegetarian/vegan version of Turkish Dürum and Köfte made out of  bulgur
  • Address: G2, 11, 68159 Mannheim

Some more Cafés

  • Café Prag – E4, 17, 68159 Mannheim
  • Café Rost – Pflügersgrundstraße 16, 68169 Mannheim
  • Anticafé Klokke – Mittelstrasse 19, 68169 Mannheim
  • Kleines Café – Eichendorffstraße 8, 68167 Mannheim
  • Café Pfau – Lange Rötterstrasse 76, 68167 Mannheim
  • Café Rötterdam – Lange Rötterstr. 66, 68167 Mannheim
  • Kaffee auf Hawaii – Lange Rötterstraße 50, 68167 Mannheim
  • Café Lido – Seckenheimer Str. 26, 68165 Mannheim
  • Café Luni – Seckenheimer Str. 34a, 68165 Mannheim
  • Café Meerwiesen – Meerwiesenstr. 1, 68163 Mannheim

Some more Restaurants

  • Memoires d’Indochine – C2, 10A, 68159 Mannheim
  • Laternen – O7, 25, 68161 Mannheim
  • Mie House – J7, 3, 68159 Mannheim
  • Ichi – Q2, 13, 68161 Mannheim
  • Yam Yam – L14, 13, 68161 Mannheim
  • Maloik –  H7, 30, 68159 Mannheim
  • Burrito Baby – D4, 5, 68159 Mannheim
  • Glück & Verstand – G7, 17, 68159 Mannheim
  • Kombüse – Jungbuschstraße 23, 68159 Mannheim
  • Die Küche – Hafenstr. 49, 68159 Mannheim
  • Gaststätte Heinrichsbrücke – Käfertaler Str. 91
  • Restaurant Saigon – Augustaanlage 54-56, 68165 Mannheim
  • L’Osteria – Friedrichsplatz 12, 68165 Mannheim
  • Café Flo – Friedrichsplatz 12, 68165 Mannheim
  • Rohkosteria – Lindenhofstraße 62, 68163 Mannheim
  • Bootshaus (Ludwigshafen) – Hans-Reschke-Ufer 3, 68165 Mannheim

Culture and Nightlife


Mannheim’s “Kunsthalle” offers a large collection of modern art. It has recently been re-opened, is centrally located, and is worth a visit. See their website for more information.


In 2014, the UNESCO appointed  Mannheim an “UNESCO Creative City of Music“. Mannheim has some locations which offer live music. Some of these are listed below – check their websites for current show dates:

  • Kazzwoo – K2, 23 (Jazz Music)
  • Blau – Jungbuschstraße 14 (Rock, Punk)
  • Strümpfe – Jungbuschstraße 3 (Alternative)
  • Dankbar – G7, 22 (Small Bands, Alternative)
  • 7er Club – Industriestr. 7 (Rock, Metal)
  • Popakademie – Hafenstraße 33 (Music College)
  • Lindberg  – City Airport Mannheim, Seckenheimer Landstrasse 170
  • Kilim – Q5, 14-22 (Turkish live music on Fridays and Saturdays)


  • Hagestolz – Jungbuschstraße 26 (Cocktails, Beer)
  • Nelson – Jungbuschstraße 30 (Cocktails, beer)
  • Taproom – Beilstraße 4 (Craft Beer Bar)
  • Kurzbar – Werftstraße 25
  • Palm’s – P6, 25 (Cocktails, Liquors, Cigars, Smoker’s Lounge)
  • Rooftop Bar – Q7, 27 (Cocktail bar and restaurant on the roof of the Radisson Blue hotel)
  • Coq au Vin – O4, 10 (Wine Bar)
  • Kombinat – U3, 16 (Alternative Pub)

Performing Arts


  • Hafen49 – Hafenstr. 49 (open air club, electronic music)
  • Disco zwei – T6, 14 (electronic music)
  • Parker Lewis – H7, 24 (Underground, Techno, Minimal)
  • Cubes – O7, 18 (House, Electro, R’n’B, Hip Hop, Pop)
  • Baton Rouge – O7, 17 (Hip Hop, R’n’B)
  • Soho – J7, 16 (House, Electro, R’n’B, Hip Hop)
  • Genesis – H7, 15 (Indie, Alternative, Metal)
  • Das Zimmer – Q5, 14-22 (Hip Hop, R’n’B, disco classics)
  • Tiffany – O7, 25 (House, Electro, R’n’B, Hip Hop, Pop)

Movie Theaters